When is too early to decorate for the season?

I love to decorate for fall! I love the colors and warmth that fall brings. Blankets, candles, pumpkin, scarecrows.

Cant help fall has become one of my favorite seasons. The foliage that I live with is breathtaking.  I am excited for hot chocolate, hay ride, truck pulls, fairs, demos, fried dough, Fire pits…All of it!

So. I have found myself asking, when is it ok to decorate for fall? I am all ready to jump on it September first. Even though the first day of fall isn’t till September 21st.  Kids go back to school. Air becomes crisper.

My mum is super crafty and has been flipping things and building her own cupboards, island, coffee nook, and so much more. One of the days I was at her house she showed me the thing she built in her laundry room. I mentioned how I saw Ideas on Pinterest on flipping a dresser, one she wasn’t going to be using for laundry any more.  I sent her some of the pictures I saw.  She told me that the dresser isnt good for it because its old.

I got back from my vacation Tuesday evening.  When I got home my parents were there because they watched Tink, my apartment, and Callie for me.  BUT! While I was gone my mum surprised me with a piece of furniture I wanted.


So Wednesday I was off to recuperate from the vacation, do laundry, love on my animals.

I also set up my new furniture.


I got the garland, flowers, scarecrow, and sign from the dollar store.  The mirror and candle holder I got for $5 at a tag sale.  I had the mirror and place setting.  I am super in love with it! The cubbies on the top right have candle things, the light blue one is where I put my pockets stuff, mail, and things like that.  The dark Blue one is where Brian empties his stuff.

The Bottom cubbies on the left have our game system things and games, we have lego dimension and disney infinity. So a nice place to hide them all away.  The top left will have towels in it.  I dont have a place or room in my bathroom for them.  As you can see bottom right is for games.  The middle cubbies have misc game things, cards, dice, things of that sort.

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