Girls Hair- Upside down Bun

Just a quick up do for Miss


Monster University Themed Birhday Party!

I cant believe it.  We celebrated her second birthday party!!! And here are some pictures:I took Friday off to prepare... First I went and laid to rest a coworker. May she rest in Peace!I went to Party City and got some decorations then went to Wal Mart to finish up food and other decorations. Saturday …

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Boxing day

Happy boxing day everyone!Here is a glimpse at our festivities! (More on my private blog!)got to leave work and get my baby girl! :)Dolled up for the Christmas eve partymy love <3SANTA CAME!!!!Christmas morning!!!Santas helpersitting pretty!Good morning (I missed the memo!)So I joined in!Breakfast!PASSED out!Pretty!Miss and MumShe always fits in the bag she gets from …

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