Girls Hair- Upside down Bun

Just a quick up do for Miss


Photography 101- connect and tags

Connecting isn't hard when you are the mother of a child.  Its an unwritten bond that happens since day one.  The mother carries the child until they are born.  Its the mothers milk that nourishes the baby in the crucial first days.  That amazing moment the mother first sees that baby the love is overwhelming.  …

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Monster University Themed Birhday Party!

I cant believe it.  We celebrated her second birthday party!!! And here are some pictures:I took Friday off to prepare... First I went and laid to rest a coworker. May she rest in Peace!I went to Party City and got some decorations then went to Wal Mart to finish up food and other decorations. Saturday …

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Boxing day

Happy boxing day everyone!Here is a glimpse at our festivities! (More on my private blog!)got to leave work and get my baby girl! :)Dolled up for the Christmas eve partymy love <3SANTA CAME!!!!Christmas morning!!!Santas helpersitting pretty!Good morning (I missed the memo!)So I joined in!Breakfast!PASSED out!Pretty!Miss and MumShe always fits in the bag she gets from …

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