The Blog

This blog has made quite the journey!

I started blogging years ago. I will say… about the year 2000 when I was writing poetry.

In 2012 when I found myself pregnant with my daughter I created a new blog, similar to what a coworker of mine had done when she found herself pregnant with twins.  So began the blog- “April Showers Brought Me A Winter Baby” I was updating it every week at least once, with the growth of baby and my bump.

In 2013, As things with my daughters father I crumbled I moved my blog to “miss and mum” A journey of being a single mother and our life together.

Then I reconnected with my high school sweetheart in the middle of 2013 and so began “SHABBBEY.blogspot” which inspired me to buy my domain “SHABBBY” I blogged about our daily life living as a blended family of six.  At some point in 2014 my daughters father brought up in court about the amount of personal day to day things I was posting for the public and “SHABBBY” moved to Tumblr to become password protected.

The “SHABBBEY.blogspot” reemerged.  I didn’t update as much because that day to day thing was what it was about.  I then moved the posts to wordpress and named it “Sarahs Uncensored” and I intend to use it to post my challenges, venting, and photography trials.

Because I had stepped away for a long period of time I decided to start fresh.  Moving the posts from that here.  I am hoping that I can use my blog to supplement income. So we shall see how this goes.


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