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 Hello, I am Sarah.  I am 30 year young.  Fell in love while I was still in high school.  We broke up shortly after getting engaged and so began my life’s journey.  Oh what a roller coaster that was.  I have been engaged, married, divorced, engaged, pregnant, and then a single mum and now a blended family.  That’s just the short version! Be sure to check out my stories!

Everyone tells me I need to write a book and well this is the start of it!

I have been at my job for 9 years and I love it.  I have been off and on at school and will be attending school in the fall 2016 completely changing my major.  My life long dream was to open my own day care.  Teaching young children has always been my passion.  I started selling Tupperware part time to find more money to do things, and hopefully save to go to Disney! I have since stopped selling Tupperware but am still a good person of contact for it.

I enjoy blogging and writing and have gotten back into reading, 50 shades of grey trilogy but hey its a start! haha.  I am always looking for a good book so give me suggestions!!!

I have found a love for working out and eating clean.  

 I am addicted to Pinterest and have 100s of boards. I mean I have decorated my whole house, planned every birthday party, and found fun new DIY crafts!

I take pictures to document our life.  So I am always looking for fun new things!

I am a lover of all things tattoos and piercing related I have 8 tattoos and 10 piercings.  I want more tattoos and I think I am done in the piercing aspect though.


Me as a mum and Bonus Mum…

I breastfed and supplemented with formula; I made my own baby food; We cook all our meals; we have no dyes and artificial coloring.  You can call me earthy crunchy but I am doing what I can to keep my child and the children in our house healthy.

We keep the kids active with play and crafts.  We enjoy movie nights and watching all sports!

I take a ton of pictures and document all of our big adventures.  I love to keep the kids busy while making memories that will carry on with them.

We don’t have a lot of money but our house is full of love and that’s priceless.

I have found a love for the BMX track as it has become a weekend home. The family we have with the team and others there is amazing!

I like creating new things to keep things entertaining.  Family movie nights have themes, Christmas traditions I had as a kid will carry on to them.  Adding in the elf on the shelf for their own traditions.

To be in your childs memories you must be active in heir life now.  Put the phone down, turn off the TV, and enjoy these little minds before society shapes them into something else!


Me as a pit bull mama…

My greatest pleasure is having raised my pit bull tink, named after TinkerBell) since she was 6 weeks old.  She is a huge part of my family and our fur baby since no more babies will be in our future.  She was born on around October 30th 2015.

Because of her breed I have done everything in my power to train her to protect her from the cruel world that we live in.  The people who judge because of her breed. If you were to walk into my house she would attack you with kisses.  She loves hearing the kids laugh. Each of the kids can walk her with no issues.  This is because from day one she has been trained that the kids are ahead of her.  If you ask them they will tell you “I am the boss” and tink knows it.  The kids feed her and the kitten and her can drink from the same water bowl with no issues.  Its all about how you raise the dog to determine how they grow up. As soon as I am able to I plan to foster pit bulls.  Help this breed get a second chance.

Me as a Bengal mama…

OMG Callie… (Named after Sherif Callie… HUGE DISNEY BUFFS!) We rescued her from the family down stairs. She was covered in fleas! She was born August 6th and we got her at 9 weeks old and I tweezed each flea off of her. It took hours upon hours to get her clean. She is the most sweetest caring kitten in the world.




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