The SHABBY life

SHABBBY came about when my boyfriend and I Blended our family in 2014 when we moved into our apartment together.

What is a blended family?

blend·ed fam·i·ly


North American
noun: blended family; plural noun: blended families
a family consisting of a couple and their children from this and all previous relationships.

Who we are:

 Me: Mum and Sarah

The Boyfriend: Dad/Daddy and Brian

The Big and Littles (aka the kiddos): My little one is Little Miss, Brians big is Dude Man, Brians littles are Monkey and Princess.

 Our Fur Babies- Tink- Pure bred Pit Bull. Callie- the Bengal cat.

We had: Clown Fish, named Nemo and Omen to the 75 gallon fish tank we received as a gift!! It was a lot of work to maintain and after a year we gave it up.

We are HUGE Disney fans!! We are planning our a semi family trip in August 2017, it was supposed to be a full trip November 2016.  I went for the first time in 2005.  I went again on my honeymoon in 2009.  Brian went with me in 2005 and again in 2010.  We are so excited so follow the posts I have about preparing to go!

We are big in keeping active.  So most weekends are spent at the BMX race tracks with our BMX family.  These people have accepted us with open arms and the bond that’s been created is unbreakable! We love to support each other in our adventures.  Adventures being soccer, dance, lacrosse, Hockey, skating, tball, BMX… just to list a few. In my house we dont do video games. We do outside play, exploring, geocaching, pokemon go.  We do bike rides, homemade foods, arts and crafts.  I am huge on DIY things as you will learn.

I hope to instill that happiness does not come from gifts, spending money, and things of that sort.
I am proud of these little minds and all they have to offer.

Being a blended family isn’t easy.  Co parenting isn’t easy.  But with a loving spouse who builds you up… anything is possible.



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